Collision Warning System
Crash Avoidance
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Collision Warning System
The Future

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The second system, a collision warning system, is still in development. There are several variations in development, but all of them use a series of sensors, radars, video monitors, and even global positioning satellite systems to monitor the situation around the exterior of the vehicle, as well as road conditions, environmental conditions, and the proximity of other vehicles. Some prototypes can even monitor the driver’s behavior and estimate their “distraction level.”

collision All of this information goes into a chip that uses high-end decision-making software. If the driver does something that it perceives is dangerous, such as approaching a car that is traveling slower or is stopped, a series of warnings will alert the driver in hopes of giving them time to react and avoid an accident. Engineers are still working on making sure that external sensors can recognize the difference between other moving vehicles and things like parked cars and oncoming traffic.

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